Promoting your property or an upcoming open house is a great way to get noticed in your listings city.

Our Facebook / Instagram boosting helps market your listing in the city of the property.

It provides immediate exposure for “Just Listed” or “Sold” properties and provides an interactive buying experience where potential customers can view photos, tours and descriptions of the property.

By using our social media boosting, you can easily share the listing with family and friends. You could even go viral!

3,000 Potential Reach: $200

5,000 Potential Reach: $300

7,000 Potential Reach: $400

9,250 Potential Reach: $500

11,500 Potential Reach: $600

14,000 Potential Reach: $700

16,500 Potential Reach: $800

20,000 Potential Reach: $900

24,000 Potential Reach: $1,000

Reach estimates are not guaranteed. A variety of factors affect how many people will see your ads, such as the population density of the area around where the ad is shown.  

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